AFRIDANA A/S was founded in Copenhagen on the 23rd September 1933 and was originally named: Home and Colonial Trading Co. Aktieselskab.

The name was changed in 1935 to AFRIDANA A/S.

The company's product portfolio were then mainly acquired in Africa, from where there was a large import of, among other things oily cottonseeds, which after pressing in Denmark were used in the production of foodstuffs or sold for household use.

In the nineteenfifties, iron- and metal casting and production of electronics was in progress, and AFRIDANA established cooperation with Junker GmbH, IKO GmbH (today S&B Industrial Minerals GmbH) and Richard Anton GmbH, procuring furnaces, bentonite and coal dust as well as carburizing graphite and pet coke for the foundry industry.

In the electronics business and in metal forging a cooperation with Acheson BV in the Netherlands was established. This company still exists today under the name Henkel Electronic Materials NV.

Common to them all are that the cooperation has lasted for more than 50 years with constant development and renewal of technology as well as expansion of product range.

As environmental awareness prevailed in the nineteenseventies and it was discovered that the discharge of raw sewage was not a sustainable solution, the company expanded its focus to water treatment and products for the protection of the environment. Today this business segment has grow to be the largest within our company.

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