Waste Water Treatment:

Flocculants and dosing systems for waste water treatment.

Electronic Industry:

Conductive inks, paints and glues. Dry film and service lubricants containing graphite,MoS2 and teflon.

Metal and Aero Maintenance:

NDT inspection equipment and ARDROX products.

ARDROX flight maintenance chemicals.

Hydrauliske Testere og Ground Support Udstyr

Chemical Industry and Pharma:

Corrosion protection of tanks, containers, appliances and pipes with COROPLAST soft rubber and COROBONIT hard rubber

Fine chemicals and intermediates.

Fine chemicals and organic intermediates.

Foundry and Welding:

Lubricants for pressure die casting, hot pressing and pressure forging. Graphite, MOS2 and teflon.

Carburizing materials for foundries. Graphite powder for many purposes.

Bentonite and coal dust for foundries, sewage treatment plants, agriculture, construction work and waste storage.

Melting, holding and casting furnaces for foundries. Continuous heat-treatment furnaces and machinery for metal rolling-mills.


Silica-flour, silica sand.


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