AFRIDANA A/S market in cooperation with

NEROLAN Wassertechnik GmbH

Products for water and waste water treatment​

AFRIDANA and NEROLAN Wassertechnik GmbH have since NEROLAN was founded in 1990 been cooperating regarding the production and marketing of products and equipment for water treatment.

With our extensive product range we are a competent partner for our customers in public and industrial waste water treatment, paper industry and drinking water supply.

Our many years of experience with flocculants, precipitants and defoamers enables us to find the optimal solutions to our customers' specific requirements.

We also offer solvents and dosing systems as well as technical assistance to optimize the flocculation and precipitation process.

Our wide stock range and our own distribution department enable us to keep the delivery time down.

In addition to the excellent product quality our strong point is problem solving and technical customer service.

The professional advice is particularly important for us

We see ourselves as a service oriented company and our highly qualified staff provides clients with ongoing technical advice.

Further development and optimization of existing products and the development of new products take place in the laboratories of our partner Nerolan, headquartered in Krefeld and with production facilities in Holungen in Germany.

Our technical laboratory is able to deal with all the chemical issues related to the use of water treatment products and generate customer specific solutions.

Field of application


Wastewater and sludge treatment

Concentration and dewatering of sludge from municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants.

Paper industry

Treatment of wastewater from sieve and production.

Purification of drinking water from surface

- or groundwater

Precipitation, clarification, concentration and dewatering.

Sugar industry

Treatment of washing water and crude juice.

Reprocessing of sand, gravel and crushed stone

Precipitation and dewatering of detergents and sewage.

Water treatment in the metal industry

Clarification of wastewater from steelmaking, rolling mills and galvanic industry.

Chemical industry

Clarifying oily waste water, dewatering of sludge,deposition and clearance of lye and brine.

Wet cleaning of mineral raw materials

Concentration and dewatering before and after flotation.

Products for wastewater treatment



Mechanical dewatering of digested sludge and aerobically stabilized sludge / biosludge
with centrifuges, belt presses and chamber
filter presses.

Cationic flocculant on the basis of polyacrylamide in the form of granules or emulsion.

Mechanical sludge thickening of excess
sludge with drum screen or belt press.

Cationic flocculant on the basis of polyacrylamide in the form of granules or emulsion.

Static sludge thickening of digested

Flocculant on the basis of cationic polyamine and polymer based on DADMAC.

sludge and excess sludge

Cationic flocculant on the basis of polyacrylamide.

Hydraulic optimization of the sedimentation

Aluminous precipitant like polyaluminium chloride and combination products with increased flocculation.

Sludge and phosphate precipitation

Anti-foaming agents.

Foam control

Odour binders on the basis of orange terpenes.

Odour control

Polyacids of organic and inorganic base.

Cleaning dirty surfaces

Alcaline and acid cleaners and cold cleaners.

Elimination of filamentous bacteria and
floating sludge

Micro flocculants.

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